Pauline | 06-03-2007 | My hair

My hair grows from my bellybutton down to my toes,

There 's no use in shaving, since i don't know where to stop.

Ellen | 08-03-2007 | haar

I get a lot of compliments on my lush hair, and I think it's only logical that if there's a lot of hair on my head, there's also a lot of hair on the rest of my body. Same golden blonde colour, but people don't seem to like it as much a the hair on my head.

They tell me that I need to work on my eyebrows, that I need to wax my legs. Someone even said to me: "Eeew, you have hairy arms!" Yes, what of it? I was born this way, this is my hair and it grows there naturally. Why does everyone want me to get rid of it?

Society won't accept me for who I am, and I think that's wrong.

Li | 09-03-2007 | haaaar

There's no use in shaving in my situation too. I have a loooot of hair on my head(people worship it as long as it is on my head), and since it is brown, my bodily hair is too (even darker).
Especially on my legs (join thr clubpauline!). I do not have a huge problem with that but society somehow has. Even man seem to have huge problems with the fact that I am not a 'naked chicken' (as we call it in Dutch). Somehow somebody started saying hair everywhere else than on the head is unattractive and ugly and unhygienic(!?): butif you re-think that again it is really weird. In India, for instance, it's a sign of beauty to have hair, soft hair on the face too like dark Indian woman have.
Isn't that interesting?

willcfc | 05-09-2008 | y6

altijd lekker

EL | 21-11-2010 | Body hair


i dont shave myself at all, i'm young (21) attractive and i cant stand the fact that there are norms so i decided not to shave. I have a dark line of hair from my belly button to my ehm.. puss :) from my bellybutton to the middle of my breasts i also have a small blonde line of hair. My leg hair i also dont shave and i love to provoke people by putting on short pants to show off with my soft but dark hairs (exactly like the most upper picture)I thought this would be a problem for boys but its actually the most opposite.. people think its exotic,softer than the shaven skin and its a prove that you dont join the bullshit of all the comercials that makes 'him' think you are a strong person. Annnd if a boy likes you its not for your looks but for you so you'll feel comfortable with him even when you have a bad hair day ;) or when you're getting old :) I've met a lot of nutcases who totally kicked on my hair and not on who i am... how about that.. thats crazy right?!

Ok. goodluck and i hope you'll be a strong person :)


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